Monday, March 14, 2011

Products I Love For My Kids Pt. 4

1.) Juice Box Holder

I've been wanting one of these for some time now.  I bought 2 Dwink holders but there are various other brands out there that probably work just as well.

It is seemingly impossible for little ones to hold a drink box without squeezing it.  My old method was making my daughter keep her hands off until I got the straw in her mouth, thus catching that first squeeze.  In the car, this was not an easy task.  So this will save me some laundry issues and some frustrations.

Dwink Box Universal Drink Box Holder - Purple

 2.) Ziploc Divided Rectangle Container

There are a lot of fancy lunch containers with divided sections.  Often labeled or marketed toward Mom's sending their kids to school with lunch, they are trendy for the "green" movement.  Unfortunately they are also pretty pricey ranging from $15-$40 for one box.  My kids don't need fancy at this point or even something of their own choosing.  Instead, I need easy options with few pieces and dishwasher safe.
Ziploc - Divided Container, Rectangle - 2 ea
I was picking up some plastic freezer bags and saw these in that aisle.  They come in a 2 pack so it can work for more than one lunch or for one in the wash one in the diaper bag.  The large section is big enough for 2 sandwiches (not huge loaded ones, but like PB & J for the kids.) The 2 small side compartments are good for fruit or veggies and a treat or crackers.  I've also used the main compartment for miscellaneous foods like string cheese and fruit snacks and a small ice pack for a morning at the park when hand held food is needed. These are easy to clean and don't leak (so far) and best of all if they break or I need more its not a big investment. Find these in the plastic bag aisle of your local supermarket or Target/Walmart type store for about $3 for 2.

3.) Annie's Food/Snack Products

This line of crackers, snacks, and meals like macaroni and cheese is great.   I'm not super strict about organic stuff in general.  I cook most of the food my kids eat rather than buy pre-made stuff.  But there are times when snacks and easy foods are great options.  The problem is most of these foods are just loaded with weird stuff and with salt and sugar.  Annie's has Natural & Organic options that are made with real food ingredients and they taste good too.  My daughter loves the mac and cheese or shells and cheese mixed with frozen peas that are cooked in the noodles the last minute or two.

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