Friday, March 9, 2012

Model Home Idea: Light and Neutral Couches

I know they want to make the spaces as bright and large looking as possible.  One way they seem to do this is with their choice of furniture colors.  The white and creams they use scare me because of having kids, but I also would REALLY love a light colored couch...maybe when the kids are grown. :)

I really love that each room has a different feel and style but it could easily be changed by making new pillows and changing out the artwork around the room.  Also, I blame the kids, but the grown ups in our house can be just as messy sometimes so we would need a lot more rules about how we treat our furniture if we ever switched to a light sofa.

Simple Party Cake

Using the same technique as I did with the cupcakes, I made a 2 layer birthday cake.  It is pretty forgiving and could be used for a shower or other celebration as well.


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