Sunday, October 17, 2010

30 Day Shred Finale

Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred

Level 3 Overview:

Strength exercises
1.) Walking Planks**
2.) "Supermans"
3.) Dumbbell Clean with Deep squat**
4.) Jumping Lunges**
5.) Plank Row with Leg lift**
6.) Walking Push ups**

Cardio exercises
1.) Mountain Climbers**
2.) Sumo Squat w/ plie jump
3.) Shadow Boxing with dumbbells
4.) Butt Kickers and Jumping Jacks with Dumbbells
5.) Jumping Squats**
6.) "Rock Star" Jumps**

Ab exercises
1.) Pike Crunches**
2.) Scissor Crunches**
3.) Sit Ups**
4.) Side/Oblique Crunches**

**Indicates an easier option available

Day 29:

Level 3:  I added more of the hard versions of the exercises today.  I am motivated at this point just to get the 30 Days over and see the results in the end.

Day 30

Level 3: Shaky muscles and I needed to workout on a towel so sweat wouldn't drip on the floor.  Lovely.  I'm still going because this is still only my 26th day of actual exercise due to taking 1 day off a week for 4 weeks.

Day 31

Level 3: 27th workout day.

Day 32

Level 3: 28th workout day.

Day 33:

Day Off and I needed it.

Day 34

Level 3: 29th workout day. I was already tired from a long day, its taking a lot of will and peer pressure (from this blog and from my husband) to finish the 30 days.  Part of me thinks "Ah you're close enough" but I know close is not done.  I'm still not great on push ups and my ankle is better but not 100% so I am still doing easy versions of a few exercises.

Day 35

Level 3: 30th workout day!!!!  Again I faced the reluctance to do it for no other reason than because I don't feel like it.  My brother in law just did a whole marathon today and I don't want to work out for less than half an hour, makes me feel so lazy. lol.

Results: Workout 6 days a week.  No change in diet or other activity.

Non Measurable Observations:  My jeans are looser. Clothing is fitting better.  I can see a big difference personally in my mid-section and some difference in my rear end.  I also notice a difference in my ability to perform the exercises.  When I started I peeked at level 3 and thought "No Way! I will probably never even try that level."  But now I'm doing it and it gets easier daily.  My endurance is up and I can tell I am stronger in certain areas.

Measurement Changes:
DAY 1:   Waist = 33"; Belly Button Area = 38.5 " (ewww); Hips = 42"; Left Thigh = 24.5" Right Thigh = 25"
DAY 30: Waist = 32" ; Belly Button Area = 35"  ; Hips = 41" ; L. Thigh = 24"; R. Thigh = 24.5"

Total Inches Lost = 6.5"
Approximate Weight Lost = 4-5 lbs (I wasn't watching closely at the beginning so this is a close estimate from where I started until today.)

In my opinion, this is a great workout to kick start your body into more exercise or to change up your routine.  For me it was a major change to work out at all and my postpartum body was way out of shape (and still needs a lot of work.)  As you can see the overall results aren't dramatic (no 20 lb weight loss and 4 dress sizes,) but there are differences.  I think the program recharged my abs and brought them back in line with the rest of my body.  I think, if I continue with this and some more cardio I can meet more of my goals and get in better shape.  I would definitely recommend this DVD to anyone who wants to try it because it really makes you work and is not a huge daily time commitment.  Feel free to ask questions in the comment section about the workout and I'll answer them if I can.  I am debating whether I will post Before and After photos. It depends on how brave I am this week and if I have time to take some.

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