Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Products I Love for My Kids Part 3

1.) Soilove

SoiloveI don't know what it's made of but by the smell of it, it is not organic or fancy or anything that people love to use.  It is however really inexpensive and really effective.  You can find this at the 99 cent store or the grocery store for under $2.  It is one of the only things that I have found works on baby poop (you know the absurdly yellow stuff that blows out of their diaper on so many cute clothes for the first 5 months.)   Other than this product the only thing I have found that works is laying the offending stain in the sun before washing it and sometimes that is just not convenient.

So instead I squirt some of this on the stain immediately and wash as soon as I can and IT WORKS so I don't ask too many questions about how or why.  I am just happy that it does the job.

2.) Take N Toss Straw cups and sippy cups.

The First Years/Learning Curve ABC Fun Take & Toss Straw Cup, 3 Pack, Colors May Vary 
 I really like the straw cups with a disposable bendy straw instead of the actual straw.  Those plastic straws are nuts to clean.  My daughter never used a bottle and went straight into sippys and straws.

3.) Sterlite Small Storage containers
Medium Nesting ShowOffs™
These come in several sizes and are great for holding toy sets or small toys that don't come with a container.  They are stackable and easy for my toddler to carry and open/close.  I believe there are different brands (maybe Rubbermaid) that have similar containers.  The parts that make this great are: the see through box so you know what's in it, the locking top so things don't spill out if its dropped or knocked over, the handle on top so its easily portable around the house, and of course the ability to stack in a closet or bookshelf. 

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