Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cheap and Easy, Travel Bed Rail.

Do you have a toddler who doesn't fit in a play yard anymore? Or perhaps you co sleep and can't bring all the comforts of home on your trip.  Well I found a solution.


I can't take credit for this idea.  I read it on an online message board but it was too good and easy not to try.

First, buy 1 or 2 pool noodles for each bed you will use it on.
Next place the pool noodle under the fitted sheet just at the edge of the mattress.
Now tuck the sheet in tight under the mattress so it won't shift.  I added the flat sheet too so I could tuck it more since my daughter doesn't really sleep with a sheet yet.

After the bed is all made it makes a really simple bed rail so your child won't roll off the bed.  We set the fold out bed in our cabin against the wall so we only needed one noodle.

I don't have pictures of the other use because the explanation is the same.  If you co sleep use the noodle in your bed (at home or traveling) so you don't have to worry about the baby rolling off the edge.  Also for an infant, this is great to have in the trunk of your car.  You would only need half a noodle or two halves.  Keep them there and when you stop by a friends or a relatives and need to give your infant a nap you can make a safe little space so they won't roll off the bed and you don't have to haul the pack and play to those short day trips.***NOTE: If you are putting a child under the age of 1 on a bed please keep the area clear of blankets and pillows.  Using the noodles as a bed rail can leave a place for a baby to suffocate if there is too much fabric.  Check on your baby regularly if you do this. ( I realized after posting that since this is public there usually needs to be these disclaimers for those of us that may need them.)

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Andrea, said...

Just a thought: If you had enough elastic you could probably string it through the hole and measure to fit a twin or toddler bed so it wouldn't fall off or move much.

bloggerstan said...

great solution, andrea. i was thinking large safety pins or velcro on your travelsheets.
shifting seems likely without it.


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