Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Things to make before Baby #2 arrives.

carorganizers1.JPGCar Seat Organizer
This is a much needed addition to my car.  Before my daughter was born and I was the only one in it, I had my work life occupy most of the space (think mass amounts of teacher stuff).  After she was born, it became a place that needed toys, snacks, tissue, wet wipes, water bottles etc. on hand all the time.  It is basically a large moving diaper bag.  So I'm guessing that with a toddler and a newborn it can only get worse.  I need to intervene before my Corolla gets out of hand.

*UPDATE: I did not end up making these.  I still am considering making one but with a rear facing seat on one side and my Forward Facing seat for my toddler on the other there is even more limited space.

I received numerous "cute" baby towels at my baby shower and all of them except one were thin and small and would barely wrap around my newborn let alone absorb water.  The one that did work was more expensive but still not that good at coverage.  I want to make this for my daughter and the one on the way because it will be so much easier to wrap them.  Also, I can make a few so I am not waiting for laundry to dry to have a towel ready.

*Note: if you are getting a baby shower gift skip the hooded towels and make a few of these.  Also, I would wash the towel at least twice in a "free and clear" type of detergent.  There are threads and snags that will show up, especially on the hood and areas that were cut, and it would be good to cut them after each dry cycle before giving to the mom to be or kid.

Place mat Diaper Case

I want to make 2-4 of these (yes all for myself.) There is a likelihood that my daughter, who will be 2 at the time of baby #2's arrival, will be potty trained.  But on the chance she isn't I will have to deal with 2 separate diaper sizes everywhere I go.  I figure I can find place mats pretty cheap, and if the potty training sticks I can give some away or use them as back ups in the car or at the grandparents houses.

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